Weekdays and weekends at Marathon Science School are full of activities. Football is played in indoor and outdoor courts on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Alongside this, there is Turkish wrestling training on Monday and Wednesday evenings. We have exclusive access to a pool on Fridays for our convenient use of the facilities and during this time the pool is only used by our students. We have expert staff in areas including volleyball, basketball, taekwondo and chess. During evening play, students have the opportunity to play a range of board games ranging from chess to games such as ‘Risk’ and ‘Quoridor’.

Furthermore, students participate in tournaments and challenges on games consoles such as the PSP, X-Box and DS. Senior students are allowed to bring computers with a limited and controlled access to the internet. For students who do not have personal computers we allow the use of computers within arranged time constraints.

As a school we take part in approximately one hundred activities over the course of a year. This equates to an activity every two days, outside of the holidays.