Mankind has accepted the boarding school as the most productive form of education and it has been used by many different civilisations for at least 1500 years. There are many examples within the Islamic community and European civilisations. One can immediately think of many examples from Ashab-i Suffa to Enderun to the deep-rooted English boarding schools that have been running for over five centuries.

Here are some of the major advantages:

24 hour education ( teaching is at certain hours however learning is continual from waking in the morning through meals  and play)

Additional lessons and homework support is offered at twice the availability at private and state schools

Self-discipline & auto-control ( the most important part of preparing a child for life is enabling them to develop a sense of self-sufficiency and self-discipline

The opportunity to excel rapidly in any career pathway compared to other schooling methods

Access to become educated in leadership compared to other schooling methods

Access to compete within higher levels of academia and a good preparation for further education

The opportunity to take part in activities with peers ( while children learn to interact with siblings at home, at boarding they gain communication skills amongst 16-17 peers)

Peer motivation which is key to success

An intensive education programme

Plentiful range of activities available

Teaching personnel that have experienced boarding themselves

The fact that the teaching of our invaluable students is not undertaken for the monetary value but for the priceless feeling of responsibility for the educating of future generations

Our access to the knowledge of many volunteers who have graduated from a wide range of academic areas from various universities

An atmosphere where students have the opportunity to develop their skills and capabilities

Further opportunities offered at Marathon Science School:

To install morality to the future generations within a culture that has eroded all morals

To aim for academic success through the development of a good character

İnternational trips for the development of a world vision

Sports clubs and activities to support physical development

An experienced team who provide support through adolescence

The teaching of the required language in order to understand their book of faith

Language support lessons for students who join our school from overseas

The teaching and modelling of a religiously correct lifestyle.