Mr Onur

Marathon Science School is an independent boys boarding school which strives for excellence in academic, cultural and sporting pursuits. It was established in September 2009. We have phased in a year at a time so we have full cohort of pupils studying with us at the moment.

Boys’ education is wonderfully complicated. We are challenged to provide a safe, fun and successful experience for children who have so many other distractions as our world continues to change at extraordinary speed.

Our aim is to create an environment where boys will be happy, grow in self-confidence, value their cultural and religious heritage, thrive academically, and make the most of the many opportunities we offer. We pride ourselves on the pursuit of excellence both inside the classroom and out, and on encouraging boys to develop their skills, discover new interests and prepare for the world beyond school.

We have an enthusiastic, highly motivated staff committed to being caring and positive role models for our pupils. Our pupils are boarded in a calm, happy and orderly climate which is conducive to learning. A sense of shared identity through faith and culture plays a role in nurturing the moral and personal growth of children.

We believe education is about awareness of the world, independent thought and values. It is also about the benefits of team sport, culture, religion and academic ambition.

We work in close partnership with parents to create a caring community where every individual is valued and supported to reach his full potential and become a responsible , trustworthy and successful member of the society.

Uzeyir Onur

Education Coordinator