Marathon Science School, which started as a school of science and moral educations in 2009, continues to its success on its fifth year. Marathon science school keeps going its educational life with year 7, 8,9,10 and 11 this year.

By adding new achievements to its educational life, marathon school advancing with confident steps operates a placement test for its new students every year.  Students who enrolled our school as a result of this placements exam have succeeded both academically and socially in recent years.

Marathon school that showing the success of being a centre of GSCE examinations, added a new success with its GSCE results. Our students whom were helped by our professionals one to one during the preparation for exams obtained good results including Turkish A and A*.

This academic year, year 11 students will have GSCEs from their all courses, year 10s from ICT, RE, Maths (statistic) and Turkish GSCEs and year 9s  from ICT, RE and Turkish GSCEs. Our students are getting prepared for those GSCEs with high motivation.

We had all acceptances from all colleges and sixth forms and never being rejected with the advantage of getting good results from GSCEs and the self-confidence gained by the activities.

Our 10 students who attended as a second time to the maths challenge which is participated by 3720 schools in the UK proved their academic success by winning 2 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals. This year 20 students will participate this maths challenge and we hope they will get very good results and add new success to our achievements.

Furthermore, Marathon Wrestling Club students has become our pride by winning many gold, silver and bronze medals in our traditional sport which helps to improve them both physically and socially.